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Taryn Manning is an American actress, singer-songwriter, and fashion designer, known for her versatile talent and diverse career pursuits.Taryn Manning was born on November 6, 1978, in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. She grew up in a creative and artistic family; her father, Bill Manning, was a musician, and her mother, Sharyn Manning, was a professional dancer.

This upbringing influenced Manning’s interest in the entertainment industry from a young age.Manning’s acting career began in the late 1990s. One of her earliest notable roles was in the film “Crazy/Beautiful” (2001), where she played Maddy, a troubled high school student. She gained further recognition for her role as Nola in the film “Hustle & Flow” (2005), which earned her critical acclaim.

However, Manning’s breakout role came with her portrayal of Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” (2013-2019). Her character’s journey from a drug-addicted inmate to a more complex and sympathetic figure garnered both attention and praise.

Taryn Manning has also pursued a career in music. She has released several singles and EPs, exploring genres like pop, electronic, and dance music.She is best known for her songs “Send Me Your Love,” “Turn It Up,” and “All The Way.”

Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023$3.9 Million
Net Worth in 2022$3.6 Million
Net Worth in 2021$3.3 Million
Net Worth in 2020$2.8 Million
Net Worth in 2019$2.5 Million
Net Worth in 2018$2.2 Million


Full NameTaryn Manning
Nick NameTaryn
Date of birthNovember 6, 1978
BirthplaceFalls Church, Virginia, USA
Height5 ft 2 in
Weight55 kg
EducationOrange County High School of the Arts
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorLight brown
SiblingsKellin Manning
Parents Bill Manning and Sharyn Manning
BoyfriendsJeanine Hellerand Clifton Collins Jr., Anne Cline
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth in 2023$3.9 Million

Career And Awards

Career Highlights:

  • Taryn Manning’s career is marked by her work in acting, music, and fashion. She gained prominence through her roles in film and television, and she also ventured into the music industry and fashion design.

Acting Career:

  • Manning gained attention for her roles in films like “Crazy/Beautiful” (2001) and “Hustle & Flow” (2005).
  • Her portrayal of Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett in the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black” (2013-2019) brought her widespread recognition and critical acclaim.

Music Career:

  • Manning released several singles and EPs in the music industry, exploring genres like pop and electronic dance music.
  • She is best known for her songs “Send Me Your Love” and “Turn It Up.”


  • She began selling her own apparel under the name “Born Uniqorn.”

Awards and Nominations:

  • As of September 2021, Taryn Manning had not received major awards on the level of an Academy Award, Emmy Award, or Golden Globe Award. However, she has been recognized for her work in various ways:
Social Media Accounts
InstagramClick here
YouTubeClick here
SoundcloudClick here

Top Hits Movies and TV Shows

Taryn Manning’s top movies and TV shows based on their popularity and critical recognition:

Top Movies:

  1. “Crazy/Beautiful” (2001) – Role: Maddy
  2. “Crossroads” (2002) – Role: Mimi
  3. “8 Mile” (2002) – Role: Janeane
  4. “White Oleander” (2002) – Role: N/A
  5. “Cold Mountain” (2003) – Role: Shyla
  6. 2005’s “A Lot Like Love” – Ellen Martin in the lead
  7. “Hustle & Flow” (2005) – Role: Nola
  8. “Dandelion” (2004) – Role: Mason Mullich
  9. “Weirdsville” (2007) – Role: Matilda
  10. “Jack and Jill vs. the World” (2008) – Role: Jill
  11. “The Perfect Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll” (2009) – Role: Rose Atropos
  12. “The Job” (2009) – Role: CJ March
  13. “Groupie” (2010) – Role: Lila

TV Shows:

  1. “Sons of Anarchy” (2008-2010) – Role: Cherry
  2. “Hawaii Five-0” (2012) – Role: Mary Ann McGarrett
  3. “Orange Is the New Black” (2013-2019) – Role: Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett
  4. “Marcus & Joni” (2015) – Role: Herself (Guest)
  5. “Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero” (2015) – Role: Boone’s Mother (Voice)
  6. “Trenches” (2015) – Role: Jenny Radcliff (Voice)
  7. “The Haunting of Hill House” (2018) – Role: Demi
  8. “Cleveland Abduction” (2015) – Role: Michelle Knight
  9. “No Running” (2019) – Role: Sarah (Short)
  10. “The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson” (2019) – Role: Nicole Brown Simpson
  11. “The Devil’s Light” (2021) – Role: Sarah Pfeifer


Taryn Manning is a multifaceted American talent known for her work in acting, music, and fashion. With a career spanning film, television, music, and more, she has left a notable mark on the entertainment industry. Manning gained recognition for her roles in movies like.

“Hustle & Flow” and “Crazy/Beautiful,” as well as her portrayal of Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett in the acclaimed series “Orange Is the New Black.” In addition to her acting career, she explored the music world with singles like “Send Me Your Love” and even delved into fashion design with her clothing line “Born Uniqorn.”

Her versatility and willingness to tackle diverse roles and creative projects have established her as a respected figure in the entertainment realm. While my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021, Taryn Manning’s journey in the industry may have evolved since then. To stay updated on her recent endeavors, it’s best to refer to current sources and official profiles.

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