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Bishop Briggs is a British singer and songwriter. She was born on July 18, 1992, in London, England, and her real name is Sarah Grace McLaughlin. Briggs developed a passion for music from a young age and began performing in local venues while attending school.

Her breakthrough came in 2016 when she released her debut single “Wild Horses,” which gained significant attention and received positive reviews. The song’s success led to Briggs signing with Island Records and releasing her self-titled EP, “Bishop Briggs,” in 2017. The EP included popular tracks like “River” and “The Way I Do.”

Briggs’ music is a fusion of different genres, including pop, rock, and alternative. Her powerful and soulful voice, combined with her emotive lyrics, has garnered praise from both critics and fans. She often incorporates personal experiences and emotions into her songs, creating a relatable and heartfelt connection with her audience.

In 2018, Bishop Briggs released her debut studio album, “Church of Scars,” which featured songs like “White Flag” and “Hallowed Ground.” The album received positive reviews and further solidified her presence in the music industry.

Since then, Bishop Briggs has continued to release new music and collaborate with other artists. Some of her notable songs include “Champion,” “Tattooed On My Heart,” and “Dream.” Her energetic live performances and distinct style have also made her a sought-after performer at music festivals and concerts.

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Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023$7.0 Million
Net Worth in 2022$6.8 Million
Net Worth in 2021$6.0 Million
Net Worth in 2020$5.4 Million
Net Worth in 2019$5.2 Million
Net Worth in 2018$5.0 Million

Bishop Briggs Biography

Real NameSarah Grace McLaughlin
Nick NameBishop Briggs
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom
Date Of Birth18 July 1992
Age30 years
HeightFeet and Inches – 5’7
Weight56 kg
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlack
EducationHong Kong International School, Musicians Institute
Zodiac SignCancer
Sexual OrientationStraight
Children NameNo
Boyfriend  No
Spouse No
Siblings   N/A

Career and Awards

Bishop Briggs’ career has seen significant growth and recognition since her breakthrough in 2016. Here are some notable achievements and awards from her career:

  • Breakthrough Single: Bishop Briggs gained attention with her debut single “Wild Horses” in 2016, which showcased her powerful vocals and unique sound.
  • Self-Titled EP: In 2017, Briggs released her self-titled EP, which included the hit single “River.” The EP received positive reviews and helped establish her as an emerging artist to watch.
  • Debut Studio Album: Her debut studio album, “Church of Scars,” was released in 2018. It featured popular tracks like “White Flag” and “River.” The album received critical acclaim and further cemented her place in the music industry.
  • Chart Success: Several of Briggs’ singles have achieved chart success. “River” reached the top 10 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and was certified platinum in the United States. “Wild Horses” also achieved significant airplay and charted on various music charts.
  • Live Performances: Bishop Briggs has built a reputation for her dynamic and energetic live performances. She has toured extensively and has performed at major music festivals, including Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits.
  • Collaborations: Briggs has collaborated with other notable artists. One of her most notable collaborations is the song “Dream” with Dutch DJ and producer Tiësto, which was released in 2019.

Top Hits Songs

Bishop Briggs has released several popular songs throughout her career. While the definition of “top hits” can vary, here are some of her well-known and widely appreciated songs:

“River” – Released in 2016, “River” is one of Bishop Briggs’ breakout hits. The powerful and soulful track showcases her vocal range and emotional intensity.

“Wild Horses” – Briggs’ debut single, “Wild Horses,” gained significant attention for its infectious energy and catchy chorus. It helped introduce her unique sound to a wider audience.

“White Flag” – From her debut album “Church of Scars,” “White Flag” combines elements of pop and rock with Briggs’ signature powerhouse vocals. It became a fan favorite and received positive reviews from critics.

“The Way I Do” – This energetic and anthemic track from her self-titled EP showcases Briggs’ distinctive voice and highlights her ability to convey raw emotions through her music.

“Champion” – Released in 2020, “Champion” is an empowering anthem that encourages resilience and perseverance. The song’s infectious chorus and uplifting lyrics have resonated with many listeners.

“Tattooed On My Heart” – This emotionally charged ballad showcases Briggs’ vulnerability and showcases her ability to deliver heartfelt performances.It’s one of the stylish songs on her debut reader.

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Bishop Briggs pursued her educational pretensions at the Hong Kong International academy and Musicians Institute. She has also picked up the capability to sing in class.

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