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Afroman is an American rapper, songster, and tunesmith whose real name is Joseph Edgar Foreman. On July 28, 1974, he was born in Palmdale, California. The popular song” Because I Got High,” which Afroman released in 2000, is what made him most notorious.

“Because I Got High” became a viral sensation, garnering significant mainstream success and reaching the top of the charts in several countries. The song humorously depicts the negative consequences of marijuana use, and it became an anthem for marijuana legalization advocates. Afroman’s unique blend of rap and comedic storytelling contributed to his popularity.

In addition to “Because I Got High,” Afroman has released several other albums throughout his career, including “The Good Times” (2001), “Afroholic… The Even Better Times” (2004), and “Frobama: Head of State” (2009). His music often incorporates elements of humor, storytelling, and social commentary.

Afroman’s career has been marked by both successes and controversies. He has faced legal issues and has been involved in altercations, which have impacted his public image and career trajectory. However, he has continued to release music and perform live shows, maintaining a dedicated fan base.

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Afroman Net Worth Growth

Net Worth in 2023$1.2 Million
Net Worth in 2022$1.0 Million
Net Worth in 2021$0.9 Million
Net Worth in 2020$0.8 Million
Net Worth in 2019$0.7 Million


Real NameJoseph Edgar Foreman
Famous NameAfroman
Date of Birth28 July 1974
Age48 years old
BirthplacePalmdale, California, United States
EducationPalmdale High School
Height173 cm
Weight73 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Parents NameN/A
Zodiac SignLeo
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Career and Awards

Afroman is an American rapper known for his humorous and laid-back style of music. While he may not have received mainstream accolades or awards on a large scale, his music has garnered a dedicated fan base and achieved notable success. Here are some highlights of Afroman’s career:

  • “Because I Got High” (2000): Afroman’s breakthrough single, “Because I Got High,” became a viral hit and achieved significant commercial success. It reached the top of the charts in several countries and became an anthem for marijuana legalization advocates.
  • Albums: Afroman has released numerous albums throughout his career, showcasing his unique blend of humor, storytelling, and social commentary. Some of his notable albums include “The Good Times” (2001), “Afroholic… The Even Better Times” (2004), and “Frobama: Head of State” (2009).
  • Live Performances: Afroman has performed live at various venues and music festivals, engaging with his audience through his laid-back and comedic stage presence. His live performances have allowed him to connect with fans and showcase his music in a concert setting.
  • Continued Releases: Despite not achieving mainstream chart success after “Because I Got High,” Afroman has continued to release new music over the years. He has maintained a dedicated following and has consistently put out new songs and albums.
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